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Maya Usova & Evgeny Platov
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Now viewing page 1 of 6 (14-Aug-00 19:43:39 to 10-Feb-99 19:40:04)

Suzanna: found ya! (14-Aug-00 19:43:39)

Christiane: Birthday wishes (07-Aug-00 17:16:35)

Matthew D. Cragg: Maia (21-Jul-00 22:49:13)

Annika: Art on ice in November 2000 (21-Jul-00 17:48:33)

Eve: Evgeny - Thank you so much for replying to my previous message on this board! (21-Jul-00 15:12:53)

John King: Hope you like this limerick (06-Jul-00 09:57:41)

Kim: Skating Programs (05-Jul-00 13:07:39)

Lisa: Skating advice (23-Jun-00 01:21:21)

Mary Lynn: IFS Fashion Issue cover (22-Jun-00 11:05:01)

Christina: Music question, its old music though (13-Jun-00 17:07:20)

Lisa : You two are so great together (02-Jun-00 23:20:00)


John King : Crafts (17-May-00 14:28:39)

Holly Aldrich: Champions On Ice (San Diego) (17-May-00 03:45:38)

Donna: Perfect Music for Maya and Evgeny! (16-May-00 11:21:37)

Sarah: Maya & Evgeny!!!!!!!!!!! (28-Apr-00 10:26:01)

Eira: Greetings from Finland (26-Apr-00 14:12:13)

Holly Aldrich: Champions On Ice (24-Apr-00 02:51:28)

John King: Superstitions (21-Apr-00 10:41:39)

Elaine: John King please e-mail (07-Apr-00 21:28:17)

Favorites & Pet Peeves (06-Apr-00 17:29:41)

Biography (?) (06-Apr-00 17:25:27)

This is for the webmistress of this site: (05-Apr-00 10:21:13)

John King: Oksana (31-Mar-00 10:48:07)

EVE2: Didn't know there already was an Eve before me-sorry! (n/t) (29-Mar-00 16:02:38)

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Now viewing page 1 of 6 (14-Aug-00 19:43:39 to 10-Feb-99 19:40:04)

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