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What's New! (updated September 14, 2002)What's new!

Another show has been added to Maya and Evgeny's schedule! They will be skating in St. Petersburg on October 6th. They will perform their much loved program, Carmen. More details to follow.

Usova and Platov are skating together again!! They will be skating in two shows in September: Alexei Yaguin and Friends show on Sept 14th Click here for more information; and the Stars and Stripes show on September 20th. For more information on Stars and Stripes, go to Stars and Stripe's website.

Unfortunately, Maya and Evgeny were not invited to skate in the Summer COI tour. After a much deserved break from skating, they got more involved with coaching. Maya is now working with Tatiana coaching duties of 2002 World Ice Dance Bronze Medallists Galit Chait and Sergei Sakhnoki, from Israel. Good luck to U&P on their new ventures!!!

Maya is now shopping for a new car, with Evgeny in tow. No final choices have been made yet, but brands they are looking at include Audi, BMWs, and Lexus.

When Evgeny was at the Olympics, Maya was enjoying herself in the Domincan Republic, choosing to be warm instead of freezing :) She met up with the CandlEuro tour and had a good time with her friends, not having to skate. She did watch the Olympics, citing Lang and Tchernyshev as one of the couples that impressed her most. Regarding the pairs controversy, she commented that she felt bad that Elena and Anton couldn't enjoy their gold medal, and disagrees with giving out two sets of gold medals. Her reasoning was that she felt he final judgement at the end of a competition should stand.

SFX, the company that represented Maya and Evgeny, has decided not to represent skaters anymore. All the SFX skating clients will be represented by Collins Marshall Management, a new company. However, Maya and Evgeny will not be clients of CMM. They will continue to be clients of Liz Desevo, though.

Evgeny attended the Olympics in Salt Lake, and to my dissapointment he arrived the day after I left!! Luckily, Fan Club President Shoko Tokuda ran into Evgeny there and spoke to him briefly. They met up at the Ladies SP, cheering for Maria and Irina. He had done some skiing, and even won a bronze medal in a race! He and his friends also took some ski lessons from an Olympic Gold medallist. Will we see Evgeny competeing in the Olympics again someday as a skiier? We'll see! LOL He was happy for A&P's gold medal and was impressed with L&A and B&K as well. Maya did not attend the Olympics, choosing to go on vacation instead.

After the holidays, Maya and Evgeny took off for the Winter COI tour. I had the pleasure of seeing the Rochester, NY show in January. Unfortunately, they only skated one program-Carmen. I had a problem with my opinion, between them, U&P have two Olympic gold medals and an Olympic silver medal, and the Russian acrobat had two programs...but that's my own beef . I did get to talk to Evgeny & Maya after the show and take some pictures, they will be up shortly. They are both doing great, Maya with a beautiful new VERY short haircut.

Maya and Evgeny had a VERY short break during the holidays, both decorating their homes to the fullest. Both spent their short time pursuing their favorite hobbies- Evgeny went skiing in Davos, Maya went shopping!

Daniel Weiss invited Usova & Platov on his European tour in December, after the Hallmark skate. They were very well received by the crowd, skating to Carmen and Moonlight Sonata. The tour went very smoothly, except for the usual airline mishaps-- like the airline losing Maya's costumes!! She borrowed a costume from Laurent Tobel's wife for Carmen, and one from Margarita Drobiazko for Moonlight Sontata. Eventually,the airline found them and were returned.

Maya and Evgeny placed third at the Hallmark Skate, skating beautifully. Congratulaions to them both!!!!

The new Winter COI schedule is on the Champions On Ice site.

Big news!! Maya and Evgeny will compete in the Hallmark Skate December 7 & 8 in Washington D.C.!!! They are replacements for Pulsulan and Swallow. This is the compeition in place of the World Pros.

While Tatiana Tarasoava was traveling during the Grand Prix series, Maya and Evgeny helped out by coaching her students ice dancers Delobel/Schoenflder, Kulikova/Markov, Tsuzuki/Farkhoutdinov, and De Carbonnel/lkov.

The "United We Stand" show has been postponed until late January, early February-more to come when there is more info.

Stars On Ice is the next tour that Maya and Evgeny re invited on- but not the US or Canadian version, the tour that i in Europe. They will perform Dec 27th in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland; December 29th in Bolzano, Italy; December 30th in Oberstof, Germany, and January 2nd in Davos, Switzerland.

After a month break from the CandelEuro tour, Maya and Evgeny will be performing in Reunion, an island east of Madagascar. On December 1st, they will be performing at a Christmas show in Hartford, CT calle Symphony on Ice. Maya and Evgeny will also perform in another Christmas show (Pops on Ice) in Colorado Springs CO where they will skate live with the Colorado Springs Orchestra. On December 10th, they maybe skating at a benefit called "United We Stand" in Central Park in NYC (not confirmed yet). It is a benefit for children who lost a parent in the September 11th attacks. Also schedule to appear so far: Alexei Urmanov, Viktor Petrenko, Lang and Tchernyshev, Surya Bonaly and Phillipe Candeloro. More info on that to come.

Maya and Evegeny performed "Carmen" at the Rockefellerice rink in NYC on October 14th. For a review and pictures, click onto the SFX website. Evgeny said that Prince Andrew was "very English" in his accent!

For of a review of the Candeleuro Tour, click here. The shows were very sucessful in France, where they enjoyed their use of the cape in "Carmen" and were an audience favorite.

Our dynamic duo has been invited to skate at the opening of the Rockefeller Rink in NYC on October 15th 2001!! If there is any news of a local televised program, I will update the site to let everyone know.

Click here for a transcription of an interview that was done in between the two Chicago COI shows.

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